To our customers and suppliers,

On behalf of Westwood Shipping Lines, I am very pleased to announce that Westwood has now appointed Senwa Maritime Agency Ltd. as our general agent in Japan, beginning April 2, 2012. Senwa Maritime Agency is a well-recognized maritime agency that provides the highest quality of service. It is a subsidiary of The Sumitomo Warehouse Co. Ltd, with its main office in Tokyo and a separate office in Osaka.

To our customers, you will be very pleased to know that you will continue to work with many of the same people who have represented Westwood so well for these many years. Our Senwa Maritime agents are very experienced and know your business and ours so that Westwood can meet and exceed your expectations. And you will also find that our agents in Japan ports outside of Tokyo and Osaka will continue to represent Westwood, just as they have in the past, but now in association with Senwa Maritime Agency. Our general agent in Korea and our agents in China will continue to represent Westwood, as well.

With this transition of our general agency in Japan, Westwood now concludes its ownership restructuring. With our ownership now located in Japan, Westwood will continue to dedicate its trans-Pacific service in the North American PNW – Japan, Korea, and Northeast China trade lane providing the highest quality personal service and on-time performance second to none.

Thank you for your support,

Guy C. Stephenson
Westwood Shipping Lines, Inc.